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    imac 2011 question
    Hi everyone.

    I'm currently thinking about switching from a windows pc to an imac but I'm worried I won't be able to play some of my games on there. My main game is WoW, I play a couple of games on Steam too (VtM: Bloodlines, Portal, and Sims 3) I was just wondering if this would play them?

    27-inch: 3.1GHz

    3.1GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5
    2560 x 1440 resolution
    4GB (two 2GB) memory
    1TB hard drive1
    AMD Radeon HD 6970M with 1GB

    Thank you in advance. Sorry I'm *really* not good with specs or anything =/

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    It's hit or miss. WoW and Portal have Mac counterparts, and would cost you nothing. Pretty sure there's a Sims 3 for Mac, but you'll probably have to buy that one separately. For a lot of games, though, you'll probably need to use Boot Camp.

    One cool aspect, though, is that Valve and Blizzard games work on Macs, and usually doesn't require a re-purchase. In the case of Blizzard, however, nothing before WoW will install in Lion due to the loss of the PowerPC emulator.

    Oh yea, and yes, those specs will play them just fine. WoW looks fantastic at that resolution

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    Okay, thank you =D

    Forgot to ask, is boot camp already on the mac or would I have to download it? And is it easy to use?

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    The Boot Camp Assistant and associated software is pre-installed. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and it's a good idea to print them out. Also look over our Sticky Post on running Windows on your Mac. You'll find it at the top of our "Running Windows" forum.

    And, Welcome to the Mac Forums.

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    Thank you!

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