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    Recipe Software
    There are now many apps to facilitate finding cooking recipes. But I want to know what is the best software program to input one's own family recipes on my Mac OSX10.4 computer, as well as import recipes from magazines and newspapers and cooking websites. Keeping recipes on some outside company's website means you are at their mercy if they go out of business and/or start charging an annual subscription. I want to be able to organize my recipes by ingredient, meal course etc., and also ultimately to be able to choose selected ones for a family cookbook.

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    I use YummySoup!. It's user friendly and set up quite nicely to do what you want. It has an import button to allow you to import recipes from websites as well as text for adding your own.
    Its one of the top Apps in the App store or you can go directly to the website.
    YummySoup! 2 - Recipe Software for OS X

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    Many thanks!

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    We use MacGourmet
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    My wife uses YummySoup as well.

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    I see that they require 10OS X5, and I only have 4.6.

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