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    Email disappeared ...?
    After switching to a Mac pro laptop, I set up to download my mail from Yahoo without a hitch. During a trip away from home it was great, but when I got home, switched on the home PC and downloaded the same mail (this time auto deleting from the server), when I went back to view the Mac Safari Inbox, it was empty.
    I expected the previously downloaded mail to still be available (like outlook would have done), but that isnt the case. Does Safari sync with Yahoo, and if emails are deleted on the Yahoo server, they are then deleted from the Mac (Safari)?.

    This is the only answer I can think of, and if so, whats the best way to keep them on the Mac, without having them self delete.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Since Yahoo does not offer a free IMAP service, the best way to manage your mail is to leave it on the server - in other words, don't remove mail from the server after it's downloaded. Of course that means if you have more than one device going after mail, you'll be downloading duplicates. But that method will also work well with Mac Mail.

    As a suggestion, consider switching your mail provider from Yahoo to Google. GMail offers free IMAP service and works very well with Mac Mail.

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    Hi chscag

    Thanks for that. I can't really switch i'm afraid. Too complicated, also been using Yahoo for too long, and all my friends and business contacts have that address.

    I'm not sure what IMAP is, pardon my ignorance, so I will look it up.

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    Bottom line is that POP mail service, which is what Yahoo and most ISPs still offer, is antiquated in the age of multiple personal mail-capable devices.

    When you told the PC to auto-delete the emails from the server, your Mac (which is set up to mirror the server's state) did the same at the next sync. This is the problem with POP -- it's intended for ONE receiving machine, not multiple.

    Yahoo offers IMAP mail, but I believe they charge for it. I'm sure they'll have some web info about that. I'd strongly recommend that you switch to an IMAP-based provider, and consider the very likely possibility that Yahoo doesn't have that much of a future left, so you are going to need to change email addresses at some point in the future anyway.

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