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    Unhappy iWeb good for business website?
    Is iWeb a good choice to use as a small (very small) business website? I am an artist and want a basic website where I can post pictures of my pottery art with short descriptions. I want the public to be able to click on thumbnails and have them appear larger also. I may also want to have ability for public to purchase my art thru the website.

    Also, I read in a newsletter that "anything written on sites made in iWeb shows up as a graphic" and so are unsearchable since search engines index text only. Hence, "people would not be able to find my site in a simple search." Is this true? I am a neophyte Mac user and appreciate any responses in very basic, non-computerize language. Thanks!

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    I happen to know a ceramic potter and artist who did exactly this. She used iWeb for a while (several years), but eventually moved on to Rapidweaver.

    The "newsletter" you read is quite frankly full of nonsense. People find my iWeb site all the time through Google et al because of its unique title, and NO the text on a website is NOT "turned into a graphic" -- honestly some people!!

    That said, given that you want to add on a "shopping/purchase" back end, I can't really recommend iWeb as a good choice. I'd suggest you learn from my pottery friend and move on to Rapidweaver or something similar.

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    Thank you! My gut told me that the point about "text turned into graphic" was onerous, since the person stating it also has a business that evaluates your website (for a fee) and that this may be a way to drum up business. But since I'm so non-tech savvy, I thought I'd ask people who would know.
    I'll look into Rapidweaver. Thanks for the idea!

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