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    iPad many different ones..
    I've bought applecare from ebay, from several sellers and 1 guy that always provides, but I'm seeing lots of different reference's for the Applecare and was wondering, if some were 1yr and some 2yr or had different kinds of support on them.

    Sorry if this is a lame question, but haven't used forums until now.
    I have come across 5 different ones so far and don't know how to find out what they detail.


    All totally different but say they provide Applecare for iPad, some indicate 1yr and some 2yr..

    Any help or info, greatly appreciated


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    The above is the down and dirty. AppleCare on the iPad provides 1 additional year of coverage giving you a total of 2 years warranty. Any variation on that is only how the seller has phrased it.

    There is only one AppleCare for the iPad - there do not exist several different ones - even though the manufacture code on the box may be different.
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    thank you for clearing it up for me, i just kept seeing all these different codes that provided the same cover... Cheers

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    I usually add Applecare to my cart on the Apple site and then copy the part number off the item in my shopping cart. Then look to purchase that part number. That way you are ensured of getting the same part number as you would have from the Apple store.

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