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    Can i screencast to my HDTV?
    Hi guys,

    I just made the switch from a "top of the line" dell to a new Macbook pro 15" and words can not begin to describe the difference in both quality and functionality between this mac and the dell. I could not be happier with the Mac.

    One thing i have been wondered is if there's a way to wirelessly screencast the macbook pro to my big 55" HDTV? i mean i assume you can do it via thunderbolt to Hdmi adapter, but is there something out there that would allow me to do it with no wires? Thanks in advance and also accept my apologies if this question has been addressed already.

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    I don't know of anything that would let you do that wirelessly.

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    Not entirely wireless (you'd need an adapter connected to your Mac and your TV) but you can get WHDI HDMI senders.

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    And Where would i get something Like that?

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    Oh I just remembered! If you have an Apple TV, you can screencast wirelessly from the iPad 2.

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    thanks for the responses guys. Chad, i just read that too. Hopefully Lion will have this feature soon. Thanks!

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