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    best storage device for macs
    I have a macbook pro and my computer is getting quite full up with movies both on itunes and in the movies folder...What devioce do you recommend as an external hardrive that works well with macs.Somebody suggested a lacey.Is this pretty seamless with macs ?

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    Well, I don't know about "best" since I haven't sampled them all but I've got a Netgear Ultra 4 NAS that works very well with both my Mac Pro and PC's.

    It's probably not the cheapest out there ($499 at Amazon without disks) but it has a nice web interface, is easily set up and managed and, more importantly, is reliable. I've got mine configured with 4 750 MB drives but you can use drives up to 2 TB in size so it'd have 8 TB total capacity. I've had it for over a year and during that time I had a drive fail. Unplugged it, plugged in a new one (I keep a couple on hand) and it seamlessly recovered and integrated the new drive.

    It works with both Time Machine and Windows backup software.

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    Almost anything is seamless with mac os these days. it all depends on if you want wired or network or portable.
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    Pick a drive, format it for Mac OS and your done. It makes no difference what brand to be fair, but most reliable in my experience are Hitachi, Toshiba, Iomega and Seagate.
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    Hard drive purchase

    This is a bad time to buy a hard drive. The floods in Thailand have disabled several factories that produce the drives, so there's a shortage and prices have tripled.

    My experience is that all that matters is the warranty on a drive. They all fail eventually and you want that to happen when the drive is still on warranty.

    Good luck, Dan S

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    Triple is stretching it a bit. I'll go for maybe 20-40%. You can still buy 1TB drives at $100-$120 and 2 TB drives at $130-$150 at newegg. Not cheap, but still inexpensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosonian View Post

    They all fail eventually and you want that to happen when the drive is still on warranty.

    I don't know, I prefer to be well outside the warranty period when that inevitably occurs

    But correct on all points. I don't suspect storage prices will return to their pre-flood points in the next few months.
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