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    Dvd rip
    I don't know that this is a beginners question, but I can't seem to find the appropriate forum for it.

    I have a number of region 1 coded commercial dvd movies, but only region 2 coded dvd players, and I do not wish to change the region setting on my mac.

    My idéa (before buying a region 1 dvd player) is to find a software that can rip these dvd movies into divx/mov/avi files, and then either burn them on a dvd to play them back on mu divx compatible LG blue ray player, or over the dlna network that I set up between the blu ray player and my mac.
    I have been searching and downloading a number of dvd rippers but they all seem to have limitations. Some of them won't accept the different coding on the dvd and other (iskysoft dvd ripper) only returns the ripped files as 4 kb sized files. It is not possible to copy the TS files onto my HD.
    Another option would be to set the dvd disc itself to region 0, but the only software I've found for this is mac the ripper, and it's not compatible with lion.

    I'm running lion on a macbook pro dual core.

    I would really appreciate any help or suggestions on this matter. Is it even possible to do?



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