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    iMac wants to use external dispaly
    I searched and could not find the answer to my question. Just bought a new iMac 21.5 in and want to connect to my HDTV. I bought the "thunderbolt" to HDMI wire from an apple store and connected my computer to my tv. My computer does not detect any other monitors. I have tried restarting the computer putting it in sleep and waking it up connections are tight TV is pretty new as well. Please help this is getting frustrating. my MBP never had issues and I have had this iMac for 2 days and never been more frustrated learning this stuff.

    iMac 21.5 connected to HDTV via thunderbolt to HDMI and iMac wont detect any other monitors. Tried resetting.

    Thanks for any input it is appreciated.

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    Please read through our Sticky Post: How to connect your Mac to a TV

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    First off thank you for the welcoming

    Second I read through that sticky and yet I was still unable to answer the question in my original post. I don't feel I have a non compatable TV as the sticky suggests simply because I can connect my old MBP via DVI to HDMI. So I know the TV will accept the HDMI. Correct me if I am wrong please.

    So from what I am gathering it's not the TV and the cable is brand new (yes I do know this does not mean it is working properly)

    Oh and by the way the cable I am using is a Kanex mini display port to HDMI with audio support manufacture part number MDPHD10FT

    Thanks for any additional input!!

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    Any one?

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    Well I found out all 3 of my samsung TV's won't work with my iMac yet my Vizio works just fine... Too bad my Vizio is the small TV in my bedroom where I never plan to use this function.. Well there goes a bunch of my time wasted. Guess the issue is samsung. Which is weird cause my MBP will work on all the Samsung Tv's.

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