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    used word on my Dell for posters
    Acquired my sisters '08 iMac and cannot figure out how to make a poster for gigs. iWork shows in Finder but will not open. Is there a easy/free program like Word?

    Also, do I need to clean old pics/music/video for it to run faster?

    Flowing with learning curve, I know it will be great for music once I've mastered it.

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    Word is neither easy nor free.

    Second, "cleaning" old pics will not make a Mac run even one iota faster unless the hard drive is nearly full.

    Third, iWork is a folder, not a program. Can you be more specific? Pages should be super-easy for making a good-looking gig poster, in fact it has templates for that already set up.

    It sounds to me like you need to visit Mac 101 and 0Switch 101 and get familiar with the Mac generally, THEN focus in on using Pages ( and the tutorials you will find there.

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    Pages will not open
    When I click on the pages icon at the bottom of the screen nothing happens. If I go to the top of the screen and click file/new or file/new from template nothing still...

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    It may be taking a long time to process... Check your imac specs by click the apple symbol and then 'about this mac' and check how much memory you have.. Just so you know adding memory can speed things up. Also check what progs you have on when you are running it (you can often tell by looking at your dock and if there is a little light under it, then it is running). Then go into accounts (then Login items tab) and make sure of what is starting up with your machine. Other then that and possibly you might do some clean up (not just programs) and download the free program Onyx (the one appropriate for your OS) if you don't already have it.

    Good luck
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