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    How do I get a DVD I created in iDVD to open with the menu, like when you buy or rent a DVD as opposed to popping it into my DVD player and having it go straight into the move?

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    By default, iDVD uses a default menu system that you customise. Avoiding this is actually a bit tricky, so I'm not sure how you would be avoiding it.

    Maybe you should refresh yourself with how iDVD works by checking the help menu and visiting Apple's iLife pages. Lots of tutorials there.

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    Did you create the dvd by sharing from iMovie? For some reason this puts the movie in a little box that causes the dvd to autoplay when played in a dvd player.

    Next time you share to iDVD, in the iDVD window, click on the Map button(3 linked boxes). In the display you'll see a number of boxes with various contents. In the first(left hand) box is the copy of your movie that triggers the autoplay. Just delete it from that box.

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