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    Nov 15, 2011
    problems moving email from PC outlook to Mac Outlook
    Originally, I was trying to move thousands of email messages and 100's of subfolders in MS Windows Live client to a brand new iMac - Mac Mail. It was suggested to move MS Windows Live to Outlook 2010, then move the .pst file to the iMac. And use Outlook 2011 for the Mac, and import the .pst file into Outlook for the Mac.

    Tried this, and all the folders were exported, but none of the messages were imported. The size of the .pst file is around 2.3 GB.

    I'm fine with using Mac Mail rather than Outlook for the Mac. I'm willing to use whatever will work. I just need to get all my wife's messages and folders out of the Windows Live mail client and into her new iMac.

    Any suggestions?

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    On the Windows machine in Outlook did the imported messages Windows Live show up correctly?

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    Nov 15, 2011
    Yes, imported messages showed up fine in the PC Outlook. BTW, I got them transferred by:

    Convert Windows Live Mail to PC Outlook.

    Purchased "messagesave" software, loaded on PC,

    Fired up PC Outlook, using the "add-in" of messagesave from within PC Outlook, was able to convert all messages/folders from PC Outlook to .mbox files.

    Transferred mbox files to Mac via external HD.

    Fired up Mac Mail, imported the .mbox files.

    Thanks for trying to help. Roger

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    The app is now $7.99 but never the less, a great bargain.

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