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Thread: Disconnecting External Jump drive properly

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    Disconnecting External Jump drive properly
    Hi Everyone, I am new to apple computers and I have a question. I have always used a PC so this transition is a little different for me. I know there is some function that I am supposed to use to properly disconnect a Zip drive from the computer. Someone pointed it out to me in a brief rundown of this system. I just got this new 21.5" imac and I have not been on it that much so I am having a difficult time trying to find the right buttons to push to deactivate and remove this drive. I have been using this computer mostly to work on photography projects in Lightroom and Photoshop so I need to be able to access and disable jump drives without problems to the Operating system. Thanks in advance for your help, CapnFred

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    I believe dragging your jump drive's icon on the desktop into the trash bin unmounts it safely. I'm sure there are other ways, but I don't know them yet as I don't yet have a Mac (probably going to arrive tomorrow).

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    There are several ways to unmount a drive: Drag the drive to the Trash, right click on the drive and select "eject". Always wait until the activity light on the drive goes off before ejecting or dragging the drive to the Trash.

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    Thank you both for your quick reply. I have just disconnected the drive. I think I will definitely remember how this is done, thanks to you both.

    Sincerely, CapnFred

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    as mentioned previously: drag the drive to the trash or right click and select eject.

    If it isn't showing, you can check disk utility and eject from there also
    or Open finder and eject from there
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    I picked up Undock and Jettison from the Appstore. Works well for laptops - may not be needed for a desktop
    Jettison 1.1 Utility Software Review | Macworld

    Undock 1.0 Utility Software Review | Macworld

    I think Jettison is better as it auto disconnects drives when you close the lid of laptops (or sleep the system)

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