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    External Speakers for iMac?
    Newbie iMac user here, climbing up the learning curve of converting from PC...

    Love the iMac but find the built in speakers are wimpy. I had a Dell with decent external speakers (and woofer) that plugged into an audio card on the PC.

    Plugging the "green plug" into the headphone jacks of the iMac doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

    Or can someone recommend affordable ext speakers for the iMac that plug into the headphone jack... or USB?



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    Which model iMac do you have? There are two jacks on the rear of the newer iMacs; one output, one input. The audio output jack should be where you would plug in your powered speakers and woofer set. Make sure the plug is the correct size for the jack. Then open System Preferences, Sound, to see if your speaker set shows up there.

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