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    Problem with Word for Mac!
    I just got word for Mac and am having a terrible time with some weird spacing thing I can't fix. I have the lines on x1.0 spacing, but for some reason they're being spaced 1.5! Each line is really wide. I've attached a photo to help explain:

    Link, if the code doesn't include a pic. See how each line (highlighted) is super tall? I want those lines all nice and spaced 1.0, but for some reason they're all messed up!

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    It's probably paragraph spacing, which I have to deal with constantly (blast you Mendeley!). Highlight the content > Right click the content > Paragraph... > Spacing > make sure "Before" and "After" are both set to 0.
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    Van is right on with this one. I have to deal with that all the time and quite frankly, it's a royal pain. I run into this quite often when cutting and pasting from on line sources or other documents. Sometimes I spend more time re-formatting a document than actually typing it out. By the way, this isn't limited to Word, other WP programs act the same way.

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    Aug 24, 2010
    Yep, that's exactly where I encounter it.

    Huge thanks, guys, this has been a colossal pain for me over the last 2 weeks. So glad to get it fixed.

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