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    Unhappy Router Recommendations?!
    Hi everybody!
    I moved to China and my family will stay here for about 2 years, and I NEED a VPN!!! I did tons of searching, and finally, I ended up with this software as my determined choice. I own an iPad 2, 2 MacBook Pro 13"s, an Apple TV 2nd generation, and a Windows 7 Professional ThinkPad. I try to access YouTube and Facebook, but obviously, no luck. It is SO FRUSTRATING!!! I hate China in this sense, but anyway, I am sticking with Securitales, a REALLY cheap VPN service that does not work well at all... my dad needs YouTube and Facebook as well. Also, if I try to access some web page related to YouTube or Facebook or Twitter, the Internet connection is disabled, but even worse, the effect drags–so basically, if I go to YouTube - Broadcast Yourself., the connection failure occurs, but then when I close the tab, then quit Safari, and open up Safari again, the connection still fails. I try everything–working with different browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera; turning AirPort off for a few seconds then turning it on (this usually works but not always, really frustrating), restarting my Time Capsule and/or my TP-LINK (TP-LINK is the DSL I use, it connects to a satellite, and my TP-LINK connects to my Time Capsule)... The only solution IS if I turn AirPort off, close the page saying "Safari cannot connect, bla bla bla", quit Safari, wait for a little over a minute, then open up Safari again. NOW I can surf the Internet normally. This has been going on for about 3 months, and finally, I gave up. My parents are pretty discouraged too, and so we will get a Pro VPN. Do I JUST need to purchase the software to connect all of my devices (an iPad 2, 2 MacBook Pros, an Apple TV 2nd generaion, and a Windows PC), do I need a router, or am I getting everything mixed up? I am seriously confused with all of these technology stuff, my dad is NOT good with computer and stuff, please help!
    P.S. If there are better VPN services please tell me! (Although I HAVE CONSIDERED STRONGVPN, PUREVPN, and many other top VPN services!)
    Thank you everybody!

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    You are now living in China.... here's some advice: Comply with all their laws and regulations regarding on line activity and which web sites you can and can not visit. Since you and your parents are guests in their country, act like a good guest and obey their laws. You will receive no help from us for any illegal activity whether it's in China or here in the US or anywhere else in the world.

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