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    Nov 13, 2011
    what is the best app or program like nero for a mac?

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    Best is pretty subjective. Probably the closest thing to Nero would be Roxio's Toast:

    Roxio Toast 11 Titanium - CD & DVD Burning for Mac

    But before you go out and spend that kind of money, check out the open source (free) 'Burn':

    Burn - Home

    Do note, that OS X's built in utilities and apps like iTunes, iDVD and Disk Utility cover the vast majority of burning tasks most people need to do. But if you must have this functionality centralized, the programs named above will do the trick.
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    what is the best app or program like nero for a mac?
    What do you want to do? As cwa107 says, you can do most things within OSX.

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    I really like a program to do my burning especially for certain projects I burn to DVD. I have Found Toast the best out there. Burn works for most stuff but I have ran into things it just would not do or did wrong.

    I find toast the Nero of OSX.

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    +1 for Toast here too.
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    Also a Toast Titanium user particularly for Dual Layer disc burning.
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