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Thread: How do I make the screen "Duller"?

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    How do I make the screen "Duller"?
    Hi guys,
    This may be the wrong section in which to ask my question but this is the only section that I can get to easily. Let me explain .... I am suffering from a severe case of Iritis which is an eye issue which makes looking at a bright PC screen a bit on the painful side. What I need to do is reduce the brightness of the screen and enlarge the size of the text to make it comfortable. I should be back to normal within a week or so but in the meantime, a dull screen is needed.

    I am using a Mac Mini Aluminium with Snow Leopard plus all the software updates.
    Any help is appreciated.
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    Since you're using a Mini, you'd have to use the controls on your monitor. Every one I've ever used have a brightness control.
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    You might want to fool around in System Preferences > Universal Access as well. There may be little of value but it couldn't hurt to take a look especially since there's quite a bit there that concerns the screen. Font sizes is a bit of a different story - you'll need third party apps for that one. That said, you could always just use the zoom functions of each respective application.
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    The easiest way to universally enlarge the font size is to simply reduce the screen resolution. So, if you're currently using 1440x900, try reducing it to 1024x768. This may stretch the screen out and make things a bit less sharp since the monitor is operating outside of native resolution - but the effect is instant and will certainly make text easier to read.
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