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    Are Solid State hardrives stable and reliable yet?
    Hi Ya'll,
    I'm thinking about ordering a new 15" Macbook Pro with a 128 gig S.S. hardrive (with the maximum 8 gigs of ram of course).
    But last time I had checked into it, about a year ago, the flash/S.S. hardrives that were larger than 64 gigs weren't stable or reliable.

    Do you know if they are yet?

    Are the 256 less stable than the 128?

    Thanks a bunch!



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    Quote Originally Posted by fiddlegrin View Post
    ...(with the maximum 8 gigs of ram of course).
    Ordering your MacBook Pro with 8gigs of ram..."of course"...wouldn't be a great idea...since Apple charges way too much for ram. How much you ask? about $200 dollars versus $50 it would cost you to do it.

    As far as the SSD drive reliability. I've heard of some folks having issues...but this doesn't mean that the vast majority are having problems.

    Good luck,

    - Nick
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    I winced when I saw that. Apple want 320 for them to install an extra 8gb RAM. Crucial want 80 but expect me to deal with the inconvenience of undoing three screws.

    What's that differential in American - $400?

    The slowest I have seen anybody installing RAM in an iMac on YouTube is eight minutes. Perhaps a MacBook is more complicated - I didn't check any videos for those.

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    Concerning your question regarding SSD.

    Have been using them now for several years. OWC Mercury Extreme and Kingston seem to be the best performers, and the only failure had had was with a G.Skill Falcon died within four days. Have used 64GB, 128GB and 256GB and all perform well.

    Like HDD you pays your money and takes your chances. Shop around for a good warranty with your SSD.
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    Thank you for the helpful replies Gentlemen.

    Although I'm still not sure I understand why you wouldn't order it with the 8 gigs of factory ram.....
    After all, there are 11 screws to take out!

    That's only $13.64 a screw! Hahahahahahaha!

    Seriously though, thanks a lot for the heads up. I found a "how to" video and
    am equiped to install the ram.


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