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    Exclamation No audio, no audio output, all settings are in order. I've tried everything. Help?
    I have a audio problem with my macbook. I have tried to toothpick in the jack with no avail. There is no longer any red light but my built in audio and headphones won't work. It is not on mute and I have reset my PVRAM a few times with no luck. Under sound preferences there is no audio output device found it only says 'Optical digital out-port'. My Audio MIDI setup is all in check too. I know it isn't a mechanical problem because my sound works fine when I restart it plays the chimes. Please help, I really don't want to reboot if possible and I have looked for every other solution.

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    The switch inside of the headphone jack is likely stuck in digital mode. If the toothpick didn't work, try a straightened paper clip but very gently. If that doesn't work the jack is defective and will have to be replaced. That's an expensive repair involving replacement of the logic board.

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