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    Unhappy Sending e-mail out of home Cox area-server issue
    With my MacBook, every time I travel I cannot Send e-mails through my normal SoCal cox account. It is always looking for my home outgoing server Getting on the internet and incoming e-mail are no problem. Right now I am at a hotel on a DSL connection. I tried deleting the outgoing server name from Mail and that just removed even trying to Send an e-mail.

    What do I have to tell it (Leopard OS) for the outgoing server?


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    Ron, I have account and had the same problem, even before switching from PC to Mac. It's not a Mac thing, it's a server thing. The solution I found was an annual subscription to It's $24.00 a year, and enables you to send email from anywhere. There are a couple of settings you have to change in your email accounts, but it works great for me.

    A note of caution, though: the $24 annual subscription has limits on # and MB size of messages. Therefore, I ONLY use authsmtp when I'm traveling. When I'm home, I switch everything back to my

    I hope this helps!

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    e-mail outgoing server issue
    bvawter - Thanks for responding. Last night I realized there is an easy solution. I ask at the Hotel who is their ISP, then I went online to that company (here in Lake Tahoe it is Charter Communications) and was able to find the server name I needed. Plug that in to the last preference field under Mail works. Good luck in your travels. Ron

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    Much MUCH easier solution to this problem: use your ISP's webmail portal while traveling. No reconfigurations required.

    Better still, join the 21st century and get an IMAP account (GMail if you like ads, iCloud if you don't, both free).

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