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    resize partition
    Hi, some time ago i resized my hdd to make 2 partitions. I did this with Disk Utility and it all worked good.

    But now i realize that my 2nd partition is kinda small. I want to add more space to it. So i tried to do this with Disk Utility again but it doesn't allow me to resize my 2nd partition...

    I can simply decrease the size of my first primary partition by just dragging a devider upwards. So i did that already.

    But i can't seem to resize my 2nd partition for some reason, even though there is enough unused space right now...

    So my question is, is there still a way for me to increase the size of my 2nd partition??

    Here's a screenshot of my partitions:

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    You're showing unallocated space on the drive. If you attempt to move or further increase the size of the second partition, you may wind up with a drive that won't boot.

    My advice is backup your MacIntosh HD partition and any other data you wish to keep and then start over. Erase the drive, create the partition sizes you want, format them, and install OS X and your data from the backup.

    The other option you have will cost $$. And that is to purchase a copy of iPartition which can do the job non-destructively.

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