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    Ok so the new Powerbook come out today and I'm wanting to get one at the end of this week. I had a look at the upgrades that you can do on it and I'm a little puzzled. In all true mac-forums style I trust that someone can help me out.

    Should I get the
    -120Gb at 5400rpm or
    -100Gb at 7200rpm?

    What I'm really wanting to know is will I benefit more from 20 more Gb or more speed? Im slamming 2Gb or Ram in there so that isn't a limiting factor for the speed.

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    IMO,. battery life takes a hit at 7200rpm. 5400rpm is pretty darn fast for a small hard drive. I'd go for the 120gig over the 100gig because it'll be a fast disk as it stands and you get 20gb more space.

    Depends what you wish to do though.


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    Depends on what you are doing, but I would go with the 120 also. Since you are portable, I believe the space is more important.
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    100GB is more than I will ever need, and I like speed. However, how much of a hit will battery life take?
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    When it comes to a laptop 100GB of space is more than enough for what most people are doing. If you need more space you are probably doing something more demanding that requires a desktop. Because of that I don't think space is really an issue. Of greater concern would be the battery life. While a 7200rpm drive isn't going to drain your battery, it may cut the total amount of time you can run the system by a bit. It wouldn't be anymore than around 30 minutes. The 7200rpm drive will also offer you noticeable better system responsiveness. If it was me, I'd go with the 100GB 7200rpm drive.
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    Ordered a 17" PB with the 7200RPM yesterday. An external Maxtor 250GB is also on the way.

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