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    May be a totally stupid question....
    I've just started the process of getting a G5 iMac. Looking forward to it overall. Hopefully it'll fulfill my, and the wife's needs for a home PC as the current Windows one is getting well past it.

    Now, there are a number of things that i would like to transfer over in terms of documents, files, and possibly pre-downloaded drivers for some of the bits n bobs that i want to continue to use.

    Am i right in saying that a CD burned from a windows machine will happily be read by the iMac?

    So will all my .doc files and stuff be perfectly ok? Sounds daft, but the last Mac experience i had was way back when CD-rom drives were just coming out and the Mac file system didn't always marry too well with the PC's



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    Quote Originally Posted by fisha
    Am i right in saying that a CD burned from a windows machine will happily be read by the iMac?
    yes, it will read it just fine.

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    i dont have no mac's
    there are also a few other transfer connecting wirelessly, connecting via a network, etc....

    i do wonder what kind of drivers you plan on transfering my 5 years of mac i have never had to install a driver
    MoTM honor roll...
    i dont remember

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    Just transfer your documents and pictures

    If you're into having music on your PC I'd just switch to iTunes and start re-ripping your music

    If you have a fast connection - download a free copy of NeoOffice so you can read your Word - Excel files

    Good luck --- I'm picking up a 17" iMac in the next week my self :spook:

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    Yes, I agree with everyone. Mac OS X is a completly different operating system from windows, therefore the drivers are different. Because of this, Windows drivers are useless.

    If needed, there are drivers for specific hardware written for Mac OS X, however there is support for probably 99% of devices that you would want or need to use.

    Let us know how you like your mac when you get it. I am a recent switcher as well, and am really happy with my decision to switch.

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    Thanks folks, principally it was just the existing documents and pictures that i have that i would want to ensure would be able to transfer over.

    Its going to be a few weeks before i get the Mac as its coming through one of those Home Computing Initiative schemes.

    Had the choice of the Mac mini + 20" display or the G5 iMac. Went for the latter since i want to do more video editing stuff and the G5 should be better for that.

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    you'll love it once it arrives, let us know how you get on with it

    Apple, think different

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    i do believe to that appleworks or pages may be able to open your word documents, i can open then in mine

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