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    Removal of OS9 op system
    running OSX 10.2.8 on my PowerMac G4, How do I remove Os9 from my hard drive?

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    um.. pretty simply

    1. select your System Folder (OS9)
    2. click and hold on the system folder
    3. drag the folder to the trash icon.
    4. select empty trash.
    5. continue reading my steps
    6. using safari go to
    7. and press command + D
    8. and come back when ever you want

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    Are you sure you want to do that? I mean, a lot of stuff still requires OS 9! I doubt it is really hurting anything being there. Apple wouldn't have made this "Classic Environment" if they didn't know it was needed. Trust me, don't delete. If storage space is an issue, then save your money up and buy a new hard drive.....they're cheaper than ever..........but, be careful on the size......cause if it is over 128GB you might need a PCI card....that might need the ability to boot in OS 9 to fully recognize the drives size!

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    i just installed a maxtor 5400 rpm 160 gb in the bay with my originl 60 gb and i had no problems.

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