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    Sep 18, 2011
    Time capsule files unavailable for new imac
    My first post, here's hoping someone out there can relate to this....

    I wonder if any others have experienced this;-
    I know it is a well known fact that time machine software accessing a time capsule can take a long time but has anyone experienced disappearing files?

    For example, in my case files from an old macbook pro backed up on the capsule were then downloaded onto the imac or so i thought; i went away for a couple hours only to find that about a third had been downloaded and an error message saying words to the effect: time machine detected an error and has not downloaded the files... somewhat wrong as it did about 1/3. but that the remainder of the files appear no longer to be on the capsule?? weird?

    i have not deleted anything on the capsule.

    I would really welcome some thoughts as to what might have happened. I can access the time capsule now only to find all the old back ups running from 2009 (my older machine) are gone leaving just 2 or 3 from the new imac.

    I would really appreciate some assistance and suggestions. Rich.

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    try the migration tool in Application -> Utilities to transfer data from another Mac using TM... good luck
    up there with the bEst of the bEst....

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    Sep 18, 2011
    Thanks a lot Sau.

    Actually in the end i had to use disk utility and repair the connection with the time capsule. For reasons unknown the little box got all hot and flustered when it realised it had both an imac and macbook pro sparse bundle.

    It has taught me one very salutory lesson; do not entrust a time capsule as your external back up drive.

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