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    manually quit safari
    I am getting glitches in safari and have been having to shutdown my whole computer by holding the power button. It freezes up and when audio is playing it skips. How do I manually escape safari when pressing the keys only and not the track pad/ "mouse"

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    Go to Menu Bar under the Apple icon and hit "Force Quit" and if not available hit the escape button.

    Sounds like you have a hardware problem rather than a Safari problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavaliermatt View Post
    How do I manually escape safari when pressing the keys only and not the track pad/ "mouse"

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    if you don't see the app in the "Force Quit" menu - you can always use activity monitor and/or terminal. Open Terminal within Applications -> Utility and then type "top". Find the process ID you want to kill and then type "kill -9 processID"

    This should always work...

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    Thank you all, and i agree about my hardware problem, I bought a "re-furbished" macbook and am regretting it now, now install discs nuthin... But lessons learned, I am getting an external HD this week so I can back up, because it seems as if it is inevitable that this is going to crash on me.

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    Are you only having a problem with Safari? If so, you may simply be having a problem with incompatible (i.e. outdated) plug-ins.

    You can determine which plug-ins are installed under Help --> Plug-ins in Safari. Use Google to find the most recent version of each of these plug-ins and update them.

    The most commonly problematic Safari plug-in is Flash Player. You might want to update this first thing. You need to uninstall it before updating it. To uninstall Flash Player:
    Uninstall Flash Player | Mac OS
    Then download and reinstall the latest version of Flash Player:
    Adobe - Install a different version of Adobe Flash Player
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