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    clean install or upgrade
    I have already upgraded my MBP to Lion, but i was wondering if there is any advantage to doing a clean Lion install over an upgrade, i don't have any issues so far,other than it seems to have slowed a bit, any thoughts?

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    Not really IMO. The slightly slower performance will be the OS and it's methods of using the processor. Generally speaking the newer the OS the more processor heavy it is, even if it's slight. Mac OS are pretty streamlined though.
    Give your system a run through a permissions check and a HD exam in disk utility, and then reboot, that will get you back to top performance.
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    If all is well do not bother with a clean install. Lion will be a little slower initially until all indexing etc is completed.
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    I found Lion to be considerably slower when I upgraded from SL but your experience may differ. For instance, Launchpad was slower than a turtle in a race but was considerably faster after doing a clean install.

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