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    Drop down message
    Hi Forum users

    New guy and have limited computer knowledge. Like the Mac Book it has been with us for 5 days now and we love it so far. Looking forward to no viruses, every 9 - 12 months I would take my old PC down to Best Buy to get it wiped! I won't miss that.

    My problem is a drop down message that continues to pop up when I 2 finger swipe the screen. Few days ago I completed an online form for Sunlife. The box drops down and asked me to cancel or send form.

    Any advise on how to lose this?

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    Just click on "Send Form" and see if that does the trick. It may not have been sent just after you filled it in.
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    I am assuming you are on the newest version of LION and you used safari to fill the form. Safari might be open full screen on the other dashboard. Did you try quitting safari?

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    I have heard more reports of Safari doing this and apparently it's a know issue. For now you can try other browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, ... until the next Safari/OSX update is out.

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