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    ok..there is a local company there that repairs motherboard mac include,no matter whats wrong,and if they dont fix u dont pay,,flat rate of 250.00 ..cus i know if i go to the apple store they charge me at least 500.00 and by the time i get a led and glass screen..i could have bought a used one..Thanks to everyone!! for advice..and Keepin me from doin something STUPID! LOL.

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    You might want to get a new or used one if It is a
    The logic board, I think they are around 800 for a new one plus labor and a new screen is around 100 plus labor. If I were you I would get it diagnosed and if it is a bad board then consider looking a new or used one.

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    Don't forget, you can still get some goo money if your mad MBP, either for parts(usually make more $$), or as a whole if you don't like taking it apart. I love taking stuff apart
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