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Thread: New Mac user. NAS problem

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    Question New Mac user. NAS problem
    Got a new Macbook Air running OS X Lion. In my network I have a Patriot Corza NAS box. This has a couple of folders, one of wich is restricted to certain users. It works just fine in Windows 7, but when I open the folders in Finder, I lack permission to access the subfolders and files. I've tried different user-names and passwords, but none that works. I got it to work briefly when I set up the device with NFS, but that lasted one day and now it's nothing there again.

    I'd appreciate it if anyone had a few hints on what I should do, the files on the NAS is my pictures database, and I don't want to give r/w permission to everyone just to make things work.


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    How has your NAS Drive been formatted i.e. Fat 32, NTFS?

    OS X will recognize and work with FAT 32 (file size restriction) and OS X Extended Journal formats.
    It needs some help when accessing NTFS format.


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    It's formatted in ext3, it's a RAID 1 setup.

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    I can see the folders and everything, but I there's a "one way road" icon on top of the folders and I can't access the contents.

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    Same problem here. Any solutions?

    I never had any problems under snow leopard.

    Much appreciated!

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