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Thread: Help needed with switching and user accounts

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    Aug 27, 2011
    Help needed with switching and user accounts
    Hi All
    Im sorry if this has been discussed before but i wonder if anyone can help?

    I have been using a friends iMac for a while and have now bought a new iMac and am in the process of setting it up. The old one was a bit messy whilst i was learning the 'Apple' way so am wanting a nice clean setup.

    What i really want is 2 user accounts, each one can access the iPhoto library and also the Music library
    I think i have sorted the photo issue and transferred the iPhoto library to the shared folder on the new mac but the iTunes is a bit messy, i transferred my media file and placed it in the shared folder, my iTunes seems fine but the other users is a copy of mine (obviously) is there a way of sorting this and how can i cleanly reset the mucked up iTunes account and hopefully sort it transfer the apps to the correct accounts?

    Thanks very much

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    [see answer in my next post]

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    Aug 27, 2011
    Cheers mate.

    I have done that but the iTunes media folder i took from my last machine must have apps on it swell, So all the music is on both which is what i wanted but all my apps are shown on her iTunes swell (even managed to put some on her iPhone swell?????) And seems to have a bit of a problem when syncing her phone when downloading apps from her phone to the mac. after this is done i can't see them on her iTunes account? but it does it every time she syncs.
    Does that make any sense???


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