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    Adware popups
    Ok just got a new MacBook snow leopard10.6.1 what can I install to remove adware and stop poP ups on sites such as tubeplus or youpprn pretty much I don't download videos too much concern with infection but I do like to stream them. So anything o can do to prevent another browser window popping up and anything to do to get rid of the porn ad's?

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    Aside from the obvious (stop visiting sites that give you the problem), I'd suggest an adblocker for whichever browser you are using (you didn't say).

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    Safari thank you so much dude. Is there Anyway I can boost ur creditablity up? Cuz u always pull thru n help me.

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    Glad to help. You can use the little "rep" button at the bottom right of my post if you like, though it won't let you if you've given me "rep" recently. But thank you for the thought anyway!

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