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Thread: Why does my mac seem to have slowed down

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    Why does my mac seem to have slowed down
    Ok so I have had this mac, the 21.5 inch $1499.99 model, for about 3 weeks now, and from the day I got it until the last 4-5 days it has seemed a little slowed down or choppy. Like when I click my mouse to get out of sleep mode the rainbow circle comes up for like 5-10 seconds and then even scrolling down web pages it feels a little choppy. What is the cause for this? Also when I first got this I had snow leopard I think on it and it was super fast and 2 days after I got it I put on Lion and right after I got Lion it seemed to slow down, so could it be that Lion is making it progressively slower? I want the mac to be the way it was when I first used it, I got it because I knew how fast and sleek and smooth it was but it isn't acting like that now...

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    Simple stuff first:

    There's an update out for Lion; 10.7.1. Run Software Update and try that.

    Then, open Disk Utility and select your Hard Drive from the list on the left. Click 'Repair Disk Permissions' and let it run. Don't disturb the process.

    Try those first and see what happens.
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    Are you closing your applications? The Red X does NOT close them, they just go into the background. If they are running there, they take resources. When leave an application, close it from the menu, don't click the X.

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    I close those programs that I don't want to be open in the background. Some I want to be open, for instance excel so that it opens new files very rapidly. When I am completely finished with excel files I then close the program completely.
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    The more things you have running in the background when it goes to sleep, the more time it has to take to restore those running things to where they were. It can take a few seconds for each one to get back to the earlier state, during which time the response can be a bit choppy. I try to close everything before i put my MBP to sleep so that it wakes up quickly. The only delay I see now is the time it takes to reconnect to my wireless network, which is more the wireless modem than the MBP.

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    can you check activity monitor and see if there is a process that is consuming most CPU/RAM?
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