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    Apple shipping guessing game

    I just bought a 13' MacBook Pro from the online Apple store. I also bought an HP printer along with it. I received confirmation that both of the items have been shipped, but I get the feeling the tracking number for the printer and the MBP got switched. Here's why I think so:

    On my apple store account, there are two tracking numbers, one for the printer and another for the MBP. The email that I received said the MBP (it said MBP not macbook pro) had been shipped, but the tracking number in the email corresponded to the tracking number for the printer on my apple store account. When I click on the printers Track Status it says it weighs 13.00 lbs and was shipped about a day earlier than the MBP which was put in transit about a day later than the printer. The MBP's Track Status gives it the weight of 9.00 lbs.

    I gave the weight just in case somebody can identify if there's a problem. Maybe the printer is supposed to be 9.00 lbs or something.

    I was just wondering, am I going to receive the printer first, or the MBP first? I know they both have Delivery Dates, but I'm getting my first macbook and I just really want to know, for fun as well. Anyway, let me know what you think!

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    The printer is heavier than the MBP. Base your judgement and guessing accordingly. Other than that no one here can tell you whether or not the tracking numbers and packages were switched.

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