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    Same Itunes Library on IMac and MacBook
    I have an IMac and recently purchased a MacBook Pro. I have googled this question and actually came across this forum by doing this. But most of the answers are from 08 or older. I wanted to get an updated answer so when I get my MB next week I can take care of this.

    The question I have is what is the easiest way to keep my Itunes library the same on both machines? Is this possible? or will I just have to copy the files over everytime I want to update my music?


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    iCloud Service which is coming next month will take care of that for you.
    You can check out the features of this service on Apple's Web Page.

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    is there any way to do it before Icloud?

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    If you want the same content stored on each machine - just turn on Home Sharing in iTunes on each machine. There is also the ability to keep new iTunes content auto synced on each machine.

    Content you get from other sources, have to be manually dragged between machines, but there's a handy option of being able to see only the differences between them which makes it a snap to do.

    A quick google of 'Mac HomeSharing' should turn up some good hits walkthroughs for you.
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