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Thread: Not new to Mac, but new to the forum and I need help

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    Aug 16, 2011
    Not new to Mac, but new to the forum and I need help
    I'm new to the forum, so I hope this is the appropriate location to post my question.

    I need help with moving my iTunes library to an external drive. I followed all of the directions on the Apple support page, but all of the music I've added to iTunes after about 2008 did not copy to the external drive. About halfway through the copying process, an error message popped up claiming that "the disc could not be read from or written to."

    I'm sure the problem is on my computer's end. How can I get my music organized so that it will be fit for complete copying?

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    It sounds like a problem with your external hard drive not iTunes. Open Disk Utility and run a verify and repair on the external hard drive. The external hard drive could also be full; how much space is there?

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    Aug 16, 2011
    the solution, as i had hoped, ended up being easy. The first half of the consolidated music established all the appropriate folders, so from there it was a manual click-and-drag operation from old iTunes folder to new.
    I still have no idea why i had the initial problem. old software, i guess.

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