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Thread: How to get my new imac to recognise printer

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    How to get my new imac to recognise printer

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this question, but I'll go ahead and ask anyway! Does anyone know how to get a imac computer to recognise a printer which has been connected to an old mac powerbook after the two have been connected? My printer was working fine with my new computer, but then i transferred the information from my old one to the new, and now my new imac won't recognise my printer!! Help! Im currently having to transfer files etc via bluetooth to my powerbook (which has a dodgy screen) in order to print stuff out, not good! Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks!

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    The best suggestion I have for now is to completely uninstall the printer and reinstall it on the new iMac. Make sure, however, that the drivers for the printer support the new version of OS X. If your new iMac has Lion, you'll need to go to the printer manufacturer web site and check for updated drivers.

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