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Thread: DVD Ripping

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    DVD Ripping
    Let me start off by thanking all of the people who take the time to help Mac idiots like me. Your forums have been a life saver during my months of getting used to my first Mac after tossing out my last (and I mean last) PC. I still have a LOT to learn about my MacBook Pro, but I am already in love with it and could never imagine going back to PC. I used to make fun of my "Mac geek" friends and tell them they'd buy anything with an apple on it. But now I understand. I now have a MacBook Pro, Airport Extreme, Apple TV, iPhone, and iPod. And I won't stop there, lol. Anyway...

    ...on to my real topic. I purchased some DVD's a few years ago while I was in the UK. Recently I wanted to watch one, but of course the region is wrong. So I put it in my MacBook Pro and of course I had to change the regional setting in order to play it. I then discovered I would only be able to change this setting 3 more times, I think? So I want to know if there is a way I can rip these DVD's onto my external hard drive so I don't have to worry about this? I have ripped one DVD (a family picture DVD) and I was really confused about the way the information was saved on my HD. It is in about 10 or 15 separate files and only one or two of them are actually the video. Is there any easy to use software that is idiot friendly, and preferably not expensive? I've seen people mention free software, but they mention a lot of technical details that go along with the software use and it scares me.

    Thanks in advance for any help you offer! And thanks for your patience with newbies like me!


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    Mac-Forums is shutting down in the near future. Read this thread to learn more.


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    And so the thread has come to a conclusion.

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