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Thread: Excessive fan noise?

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    Excessive fan noise?
    Hi guys! I just got my first iMac today and am so thrilled ... but one question: I know it's a quad core, but should I be having really loud fan noise? I called Apple Care today and the tech said for me to wait a couple days, and it would go away? Why would fan noise just .. go away? Any thoughts?

    Thanks, and sorry for being a newbie!

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    Without actually hearing your iMac's's hard to say if you're experiencing "normal" fan noise or "excessive" fan noise.

    But if you're doing something like watching a lot of internet videos or's very possible you will hear fan noise.


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    If the machine is new and you've just started using it, it's probably "Spotlight" indexing your hard drive. (An iMac has three fans: CPU, Hard Drive, and Optical Drive.) You could be hearing the CPU and Hard Drive fans both at the same time.

    Once Spotlight finishes indexing, the fans should quiet down. If the noise continues, call Apple back.

    Also, do not block the vents on your iMac. Cool air is drawn in at the bottom directly below the aluminum frame that holds the display and warm air is exhausted out of the top vent directly above the display.

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