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    Hi all, I made the switch a couple months ago to a MBP and of course, I'm loving it. Ran into a snag though with my Iphone and Itunes on the new computer. First I was having the issue just adding and removing songs from the new computer. I've "solved" that issue with the trick of making the phone think it is accessing the original computer. However, I can only view the music on the phone in the standard list view. I cannot switch the view to Album List, Grid, or Cover Flow. I have songs that do not have covers that I want to correct.

    Any thoughts? The computer is authorized under my apple ID and like i said, I can add and remove music etc.
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    Your system is operating normally. Fix the files in your iTunes library, then sync the files to your iPhone.

    iTunes doesn't let you "manipulate" files on your iPhone. It's a sync engine only.

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