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Thread: MAC Air Migration Assistant not transferring files

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    MAC Air Migration Assistant not transferring files
    I have a new Macbook Air on the same wireless network as HP Notebook.

    One question Mac asks upon initial startup is if I'd like to transfer files from another computer to the Mac. I answered yes and in turn loaded / installed Migration Assistant software on the HP notebook.

    When the process kicks off everything "seems" to go okay but, in the end no files actually transfer.

    The two machines successfully connect, a verifying code number displays/matches on both machines, file directories on the HP display on the mac with check boxes to either select or eliminate from transfer. Starting the process a status bar dislpays, appears files are transferring but, again when process completes nothing has actually transferred or been copied to the Mac.

    Any ideas why?

    Thanks in advance,

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    See if you can follow along with the instructions given in this blog. It's the latest and is for Lion.

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    Thanks. Maybe the files are transferred and I just don't know where to look. Instructions say "After the Transfer is Finish The PC User will show up on your "User & Group". I haven't looked for any files in user & group.

    I also read in another article saying I need to disable the screen saver on both machines. That's another thing I hadn't done.

    Okay, thanks, now I have a couple things to try this evening.

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    Let me address these in reverse order:

    1. As you probably know, the article was referring to "disable screen saver" meaning only while the transfer is going on. After that, do what you want. I personally haven't seen the point of a screensaver for the last decade.

    2. Well, I'll be. Lion DID rename "Accounts" to "User & Groups"!! Surprise, surprise! Anyway, you can access this via System Preferences under the Apple Menu (top left of your screen).

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    @ chas_m, Great essay; thanks.

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