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    Hi all

    finally gave up on PCs and collected my MBA 11" core i7 on Sunday.

    Just incredible and I have started a steep learning curve I realise.

    One thing that I do need advice on is transfering my contacts from the PC, my addresses are in Outlook but my email addresses are in Windows Live (used to be Outlook express) Problem is on the MBA all contact details including email addresses seem to reside in the Address Book.
    How do I transfer the 2 contact lists from my PC to my MBA?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question!


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    Last time I had to do a transfer from OE to Mac, I used Thunderbird as the go-between. I exported my information from OE, and imported into Thunderbird on the Windows computer. Then I moved the entire user folder for Thunderbird to my Mac, launched Thunderbird on my Mac and it imported the data from Windows. Then I was able to import the information into Address Book and Mail. Or if you like Thunderbird, you can continue to use it.

    For the full Outlook app, I've used O2M to convert Outlook files to .mbox and .vcf (vcard), files for importing on my Mac.

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    Thanks EvenStranger

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