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    Question Moving mp3s and photos from external hd to new mac
    My PC was struck by lightning, i am replacing it with a mac, but i still have my pc's backup external hd (which i have tested and works fine on another pc).

    It's a 2tb western digital formatted in ntfs and 90% of what is on it is jpg pics and mp3 songs (not itunes stuff just cds i ripped to mp3).

    I haven't got the mac yet (about to order), but will I be able to still access view listen to those files off that external drive on the mac or will I have to do some sort of "conversion" to the drive or to the files?

    Thanks, sorry for such a newbie question, i did search a bit but wasn't finding exactly what I was asking about.


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    Macs can natively read from, but not write TO, ntfs drives. So if you want to copy the files off the drive, then no problem. Otherwise, you'll need to either get a third-party NTFS utility that works in Lion or reformat the drive.

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    Jul 31, 2011
    Thanks on that, since I still have pcs in the house ill probably dump the files to the mac, then format the drive in fat32, then move them back as a backup option.

    I have another 2tb i haven't used yet so I will dedicate that as storage on the mac and format it accordingly (not even sure which method as I haven't got my mac yet).

    I read something about that time capsule thing sounded pretty cool, I might have to check into that soon after getting the mac.

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