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Thread: Macbook pro but grandpa is dead

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    Macbook pro but grandpa is dead
    So i bought this computer with part of a modest inheritance,, my grandfather passed years ago but for some reason I just received some money in the mail. Oh, it's a fifteen inch pro, the 2 ghz one, which I assumed would be more than enough considering it was like 1800 dollars! Not to mention all the knick knacks. Anyways, Grandpa isn't here to explore this absolutely gorgeous machine with me, and I feel I could use some general guidance. Namely, what is the most fun thing I can get for this thing (software or hardware). I'm currently attending ASU and I'm going to start using it for writing in the fall, but I want some DL info on elegant apple stuff. I'm not under the impression that games will be great, I didn't buy it for that (although if theres anything like elder scrolls out there, please, somebody speak up). No, I'm just looking for some cool programs that showcase this machine's abilities...I don't want my Grandfather looking down from heaven and cursing me for buying a mac instead of an AR15 or something. Thanks, and I hope to frequent the site from now on!

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    Click on the Apple icon - then App Store - then Games.
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    MacUpdate: Download Apple Mac Software & iPhone Software is a great place to find software in addition to the Mac App Store.
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    Hardware accessories? An iPhone 4, an iPad 2, an Apple TV ...

    But as I say in the essay linked in my signature, why not just spend a little time checking out the stuff that's already ON your Mac? There's some pretty amazing stuff there, in particular the iLife suite, Photo Booth, iTunes, and iChat.

    One of the things I find funny about the Mac is that you find that there's a lot of money you DON'T need to spend on it ... but also a lot of stuff you WANT to spend money on for it.

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