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Thread: office 2011 questions

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    office 2011 questions
    hey just switched from windows to mac. anyways in windows, i was able to select text and then just hover over fonts/styles and it would preview the change for me without me having to actually click the font/style. however, so far i can't figure out how to do it on a mac - tried to find the option in the menu but no dice

    any help would be appreciated

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    I don't have office on my Mac, but I do recall that ability from o so long ago.

    In pages (the Mac standard issue word processor) you highlight the text, find the font you want to try and select it. If you don't like it the apple symbol+z will undo your last maneuver.

    If nobody answers your question I would Just do that. I know it does not answer it at all, but it's what I have always done. Even on windoze MS word.

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    I can't do that in Word (Office 4 Mac 2004) either. Best I can do is right click, select Font, then scroll down in the window that pops up and look at the preview in that window before accepting the change.

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    Word 2011 performs in exactly the same way as the 2004 version: right click, choose Font, select a different font, and preview it in the window.

    The hovering action you describe seems to be a Windows-only behavior, as I have not been able to replicate that on the Mac -- and I know exactly what you're talking about.
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    thanks for the replies, guess i'll live without that feature ... it was really useful even to highlight a table then hover over table styles and see them change

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