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    Just purchased my first ever Mac and got a macbook pro, great piece of kit, I could do with some good templates for Numbers to help me get going and get my head around the change, does anyone know of any good places for some good templates???

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    Since you're new, it would be a good idea to read our forum descriptions and post to the correct forum. Also read our Sticky notices. This has nothing to do with "Community suggestions and feedback". It has been moved here.

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    There are quite a number of beautiful templates already included in Numbers, I would start by taking a look at them, particularly the (stunning) "Dinner Party" one.

    I typed in "Free numbers templates" into a search engine and here's one of the sites it came up with:

    Free iWork Templates, Pages Templates, Numbers Templates and Keynote Templates

    Broadly speaking free templates are going to lack that elegant, professionally-designed touch, but for some jobs that's not all that necessary. Jumsoft and others make "kits" of iWork templates available at not-unreasonable prices as well that are much more beautiful.

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