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    my whole life i have used PCs and now i am switching to a macbook pro. i also recently broke my blackberry and am switching to an iphone 3gs. what are some cool things i can do with both of them. im into making and editing movies, as well as listening to music. any and all ideas will ghelp thanks.

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    It's always hard to answer questions like "What cool things can I do?" or "What cool apps are out there"'ll get a lot more useful information by asking a specific question..

    So for movies, capture them with whatever device you have and you use iMovie to edit it and make pretty wonderful videos..

    As far as listening to music, nothing really "cool" associated with it beyond using something like iTunes to import your currently music and purchase new music and listening to it..

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    Well there will be a lot of cool things you will be able to do with them in the Fall
    Once iCloud launches- you'll be able to sync calendars, mail, contacts, etc. instantly across the devices. You'll also be able to sync documents and such as well. Photos taken on your phone will automatically go into the cloud until you can fully import them into iPhoto.

    In terms of movie editing- you will find Apple's iMovie application more than suits recreational needs.

    For music- there is always iTunes, though I've recently gone the way of getting a spotify account. It is actually a legitimate iTunes replacement (IMO) for music mangement as it will auto add any local music you have stored. You can also sync any of your local music to the accompanying Spotify iPhone app wirelessly. That said any music you choose to listen to on spotify is stream only, has adds, and cannot be synced to your phone. If you want to be able to do that you can invest in a premium account.


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    The coolest thing about my MacBook is that it is a joy to use! It just works without any hassle!

    iLife allows you to do all sorts of cool things from creating a book from all your photos to editing videos and creating your own DVD!
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    If you're in the U.S., I'd suggest Pandora Radio or Spotify as a great way to explore and discover new bands. Pandora has *chosen* not to work in other countries; their loss I'd say ...

    As for movies, iMovie's "movie trailer" feature is nothing short of awesome, and it actually (subtly!) teaches you HOW to make better videos by getting you to think like a director (medium shot, close-up, two-shot, etc).

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    Garageband?...... if you wanna create your own cool stuff.... try that out!

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    check this link... i posted about a similar situation. couple people helped me out a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelpdeskRules View Post
    The coolest thing about my MacBook is that it is a joy to use! It just works without any hassle!
    I second that. THe gestures are so cool. THe full screen apps...
    I have asked myself, what did I wait so long to get a Mac.
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    really hard question to answer, but the responses you've gotten so far have been spot on
    only thing i can "add" per se is these two links... these two sites i absolutely love, even being a Mac user for years i still go on them all the time to check out dope new apps/tips/tricks/ideas etc. find new tips all the time. i think this will help you navigate your Mac and iPhone better and you'll be able to customize to your hearts content!
    ps. Spotify is the way to go

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