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    Numbered bullet lists in Word for Mac?
    I am trying to create a numbered list in word 2010 for Mac and I cannot get the 2nd level items to indent? e.g. my first line is 1. here is my dog , then the second line defaults to 2. which on PC I simply hit Tab and it changes to being indented and appears a subpoint a. instead of 2. When I hit tab on Mac, it tabs over but the numbering stays as 2. at the original margin instead of indenting. Can someone help please?

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    That seems to work ok for me, but if the tab's not working, try the indent/unindent buttons in the ribbon.
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    Yeah you have to use the indent button to get it to indent and number the second level correctly.

    I actually submitted a bug report to MS for it.
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    Thanks to you both.

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