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Thread: finder problem please help

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    finder problem please help
    ok so i have a mac book pro and i have a problem with the finder window a while ago and i on the side of the window where the short cut tab things are, are a few files i cant delete because i was moving them to the bin and i placed them there by mistake and the i got the actual files and removed them from my computer completely then i went to delete them but i cant do anything with them i can only move them up or down just to show u what i mean heres a screen shot Screenshot2011-07-31at52705PM.png picture by ttgxcake - Photobucket the files i cant remove is passes and the burn folder thing

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    You didn't say what OS you are on but it looks like Snow Leopard. Anyway try Ctrl-Click/right click on the files -> there should be an option to remove from sidebar (or something similar I am on Lion and they might have changed the nomenclature)

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    Or, command click and drag them off the sidebar. They'll be removed.

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